What Makes Debra Beasley, CPA Stand Out

By Debra Beasley, CPA |


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About Debra Beasley, CPA

We are a tax and insurance business, working with small business individuals to help them keep more of what they earn through tax planning and insurance solutions. While we have a full-time office, we also work with customers over the phone, and on the web.

We have one employee, Carolee Shepherd, who manages the office and makes sure everyone is taken care of. I am a CPA, licensed in CO with insurance licenses in CO, GA, TX, and GA. I also hold an advanced certification in Quickbooks Online.

We are located upstairs in the only two-story building at North Park Place, at the intersection of 29th and Taft in Loveland. Our building does not have an elevator so let us know if you cannot get up the stairs so we can meet downstairs or at an alternate venue. I mainly work with people in the local community, including Larimer and Weld counties in Northern Colorado.

We prefer to meet clients in our office because we are at an arm’s length from everything we might need, computers, internet, printers, and coffee. We are also computer savvy and happy to communicate online for our customers’ convenience. It actually works better for our clients to meet on the web, because they have easier access to their information. For our younger client base, handling everything on their phones, we have a mobile tax tool, allowing them to send tax documents through mobile devices.

Our business celebrates ten years in February 2019. I started out doing taxes from my house, after retiring from HP in 2005. I then worked as a financial advisor for four years. A few years later, I moved into an office, where I worked for two years before subleasing the space from Roger Seat, Esq. Shortly after, I hired Carolee to help out, and recently, we celebrated five years together.

I think all businesses are in a constant state of growth. If you can’t adapt to changing technologies, you will be left behind or out of business. It’s no different with financial services. The procedures we wrote five years ago have been revised continually. Our software and tools change constantly, and we have to learn new processes and skills. We utilize all the tools required to meet our client needs, including web-based interfaces, digital file transfers, and digital file storage. In fact, we have now eliminated one file cabinet and try to receive documents digitally. If they come to us with paper, we scan them, work with them digitally, and return the paper documents to the customers.

The Debra Beasley, CPA Difference

To us, every customer is unique and needs personalized solutions to meet their needs. I am proud of our customer service. Our office is one of the few places where customers can hear a friendly voice at the end of the line. We don’t have any phone queues or hold times. If we are available, we answer the phone. If not, we have a simple process to leave a message to call back.

I am the only tax preparer and licensed insurance agent in this office. I personally work on every tax return that comes through the office, looking for every opportunity to minimize taxes for every client. I treat my clients’ money like my own, working to help them keep as much of it as possible, recommending tax strategies, and insurance solutions, whenever possible.

For insurance clients, I always talk to them to find out what they want their insurance to do for them and what’s not working now so I can recommend the best solution within their budget. This is why prospective customers usually choose to work with me because they want someone who will put their needs first and it is also why our happy clients refer many of them.

While I am proud to streamline procedures and digitize documents in our office, and am most proud of the fact that I built this business with no debt and it is now the primary source of income for two families, mine and my assistants. This has been my greatest achievement.

Through my Medicare business, I became a huge fan of older people, and I’d like to keep working as long as I can. My own parents retired early, and now they have been retired for more years than they worked. I don’t want that for my life. I want to keep working and building this business for as long as I can which is my long-term dream.

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